We are Fly Media – and this is our story

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the Flyest of them all?

Graphic of 4 mulit-colored diamonds. Graphic of 4 multi-colored diamonds.

We’re tastemakers and nonconformists, with a passion for making dope websites! In 2001, heavily inspired by music, fashion, technology and culture, co-owners Reuben and Sherri Johnson, known also to many simply as the FlyDuoTM, set out to redefine the concept of what a web design studio could be. This unique company fully embraces the philosophies of a casual luxury lifestyle brand, and as a result has quickly become a symbol of style, sophistication, quality craftsmanship and dedication, clearly influenced by the worlds of fashion and print…thus the Boutique Digital Agency, Fly Media Productions was born!

“You will always be too much of something for someone; too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy. If you round out your edges you lose your edge.” - Danielle Laporte

At Fly Media Productions, “the design vibe is cool, creative, and visually striking” - as their clients will boast! The duo and their clients alike will agree, it’s the company’s unique approach to the industry, their passion for client success, and their ability to ensure a client’s small business the opportunity to shine, that has allowed them the ability to differentiate themselves from other equally talented design firms.

Creating an environment in which their predominately female and minority focused clientele’ feel empowered as true collaborators, is also a key component in the success of the Fly Media Productions brand. This collaboration is important to the individuals and businesses choosing to partner with the metro Atlanta boutique, because more often than not, they themselves are Sophisticated, Decidedly Fashionable, and Daringly Different in their own right. And like the unique duo themselves, they too realize that in business, as in fashion, a first impression when done well ...leaves a lasting one!

Reuben and Sherri are not only awesome to work with, but their knowledge and professionalism is always a breath of fresh air! They are not only appreciated but highly recommended! - Lindsey Parks, Owner MoneyGraphics

Co-Founders // The FlyDuo

Married for 20+ yrs and in biz for over 15, the world quite literally knows us as Reuben N’ Sherri, or FlyDuoTM


CEO // Development

Officially… I’m the Co-Founder, Co-Owner, Chief Exec, Tech Strategist and Web Developer ...aka @FlyDuoATL.

Unofficially… I’m a dude who loves helping folks from under represented groups, building tools to help them put their best foot forward, and changing the idea of what a web developer of color, living with Tourette Syndrome can mean…and doing it with swag!


CCO // Design

Officially… I’m the Co-Founder, Co-Owner, Chief Creative Officer, Brand Stylist and Web Designer ...aka @FlyGirlFMP, aka a #BossChick.

Unofficially… I’m just a girl who loves helping brands find their online shine, put their best foot forward, and meaningfully connect with their clients and customers in the digital space.

Core Values // Company Culture

We’re a small team with BIG heart.

  • Authenticity

    Being half black owned, half woman owned, and originally from the Northeast, trust us when we say, we get it. We know what it’s like (both personally and professionally) to be misunderstood, overlooked and brushed aside, simply due to the color of your skin, gender, or unconventional appearance. ...We promise you, you will NEVER experience that here.

  • Diversity

    We believe in investing in the people who invest in you; which is just one of the reasons why diversity is so important to us. We are HONORED to fill a need in a market that isn’t properly being served, and we are PROUD to call that market our family.

  • Quality

    When it comes to quality of work, we’ve always been firm believers in the old skool mantra: Give More Than What is Expected. In the wise words of Cory Booker, “Give more than is expected, love more than seems wise, serve more than seems necessary, and help more than is asked.” - BOOM! (Cue DAP emoji.)

  • Dedication

    Whether you’re a celebrity, corporation, or home town hero, we believe that everyone deserves the same amount of dedication and respect. As a boutique agency we have the luxury, and very much enjoy, nurturing the kind of client relationships that last for years.

  • Professionalism

    What if I told you that professionalism is one of the top reasons people get excited to work with us? Apparently, professionalism is not guaranteed when you hire a professional - who knew! Although we find this incredibly disturbing, the one benefit (besides more work), is that we often get to play hero and save the day - sexy costumes and all ...which we kinda like. Woohoo!