12 Guilt Free Ways to Spend ‘A Day Without a Woman’

To all the ladies in the place with style and grace…

Victoria Beckham, photographed by my favorite female photographer, Ellen Von Unwerth
Victoria Beckham, photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth

If you’re anything like me, as soon as you heard the news that there was gonna be ‘A Day Without a Woman’ strike, you were:

A. Excited for a guilt free day off.

B. Wondering how you were gonna get everything done beforehand - I mean who takes a day off without planning, am I right?!?!

C. Wondering what the hell you’re gonna do with yourself today ...no work of any kind??? Shoot, there goes catching up on laundry (she says to herself sarcastically)… hmmm… what to do, what to do…

D. Your mind went straight from a) to b) to c) in 3 seconds flat…like mine did.


In preparation lol, for today, I thought of a few things we ladies can do to show our solidarity for ‘A Day Without a Woman’, and to honor the women in our lives.

1. There’s power in numbers, so even if you can’t get out and protest today an easy way to show solidarity is by wearing red. Not leaving the house? Post a selfie and include the hashtag: #DayWithoutAWoman

2. Have little ones at home? As working moms we sacrifice a lot of precious time with our kids, today is a great opportunity to “make memories” as my mother would say!

Take a few minutes to sit down with your little ones and talk to them about today – in whatever language they can understand. Read books together that value the intrinsic qualities of a woman (remind them how important mommy, grandma, and aunty are, even teachers, their doctor, etc.). Why not ask them if they’d like to call grandma and tell her why they love her! Or write a Thank You card, or color a picture for their favorite lady or ladies.

3. Write a Thank You letter, or send an email to your own mother, sister, best friend, or business partner. Let ‘em know they are appreciated (in my Tupac voice).

4. Last year, Nia Phillip, creator of Creative Smart Girl created the “I See You Challenge” for The Collaboration Hub. The idea is to reach out to other women you hope to collaborate with in the future just to let them know ‘I SEE YOU!’ Nia recommends sending a few words of congratulations on the work they’re doing and a few words of encouragement to keep going. She’s even provided us with a few sample e-mail messages to get us started!

“We all get tons of e-mails each week asking us for our time, attention, and money. Receiving messages of encouragement is rare! Let’s change that and lay the foundation for strong collaborative relationships!” - Nia

5. Raise awareness/spread the word, but be careful not to make “work” of it. Share inspirational quotes, show some love to your favorite women owned businesses, organizers, organizations, authors, podcasts, etc.

6. Take some time to reflect and to remind yourself of your own value, not just as a wife, mother, daughter, friend, entrepreneur or business owner, but as a WOMAN.

7. Connect with the women in your life. Support a local woman owned coffee shop or bakery, shop your favorite woman owned boutique, browse the bookstore for your favorite female authors. Make a day of it!

8. Finally have that Skype date with your sister or out of town friend.

9. Take that long bath you’ve been dreaming of - you’ve earned it and now you have time to take it!

10. Organize your Pinterest boards…you know you want to! Follow me, I’ll be doing the same! :)

11. Treat yo self! It’s not everyday we get to shop for the fun of it, nor do we have time to really browse, so go ahead whip that bra off… lol. Just remember to shop at small women and minority owned shops – there are plenty of them. Or, instead of shopping, take a little time to build up a list of dope women and minority owned shops that you can purchase from and support in the future.

12. Anything you want! Today is about you. You give so much of yourself every day. Today you get to be a little selfish – let that guilt go, it’s for a good cause! ;)

One of my favorite photo shoots of Victoria Beckham, by my absolute fave female photographer Ellen Von Unwerth!
Victoria Beckham, photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth

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