Daily Affirmation: Own it!

Find your niche, find your approach ...and own the hell out of it!

Daily Affirmation: Own it!

Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and do something different - mass appeal isn’t always necessary for success. If you’re passionate about something, and you want to do something different, but it scares you – do it anyway. If people don’t get it, then it’s not for them.

You will find your tribe, better yet, your tribe will find you.

As people we’re attracted to like minded individuals, and in business it’s no different. Reuben and I created Fly Media Productions because we wanted to create websites that spoke to us. As a company, we speak a different language than most of the web designers and developers we know personally, and that’s okay. Their market isn’t our market, and ours isn’t theirs.

Our market is intentionally small; we chose a niche that would allow us to do what we do best, what we love and to enjoy every minute of it. We may not speak the same language as our designer/developer friends, but we do speak the same language as our clients – our FlyFam – and ultimately that is what matters most.

The key is to first decide what you love, then find a way to do it, and in a way that works for you. If you have a love for it, there’s most likely a market for it!

So go forth! Find your niche, find your approach ...and own the hell out of it!

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