Diversity & Inclusion - #FlyDuoChat APR 2017

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When & Where: Wednesday April 26th at 9:pm EST on Twitter @FlyDuo | @FlyDuoATL & @FlyGirlFMP
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Topic: Diversity & Inclusion

This Month’s Special Guests:

Maura Chanz | @maurachanz - With an undying love for culture, storytelling, and technology, Maura Chanz is the CEO of Glitter & Hustle Creative Agency, delivering the voice of multi-cultural brands through a variety of creative mediums. In addition to G&H, Maura is the founder of YouNeedTRIBE, a community for WOC and a correspondent for Bossip.

A “girl who does both,” Maura is somewhere between Coretta & Cardi. Driven by the women before her, she ultimately aspires to inspire young women to live unapologetically and reach their fullest potential.​

Divine | @4thlettermusic - Divine is a disruptor in every sense of the word with his relentless ambition, determination, grind and hustle. A former substantial street hustler, and Hip-Hop/Rap recording artist turned “urban entrepreneur”, he first appeared on the tech community radar in 2014 when he reached out to famed venture capitalist Ben Horowitz and the two eventually became friends.

With only an 8th grade formal education and no tech background, a year later Divine would officially enter tech when he founded his first financial services and technology startup, BLAK Fintech. His extraordinary story has been featured via such media outlets as Tech Crunch, Forbes and Black Enterprise.

He was recently selected as a keynote speaker by Georgia State University’s Russell Center. He has been featured at numerous events focused on diversity and inclusion in tech, and most recently become a voice against mass incarceration and for criminal justice reform. Divine is currently writing a book on his life, is now a Contributor to Black Enterprise, and is set to appear at this year’s BE TechConneXt Summit.

Sakita Holley | @misssuccess - Sakita Holley is the Founder and CEO of House of Success PR, a beauty and lifestyle PR firm that creates strategic PR campaigns for a diverse group of clients.

Satita is also the editor/host of HashtagsandStilettos.com. Hashtags and Stilettos is a website and podcast designed to ​help millennial women win at work, business and everywhere in between. ​Since the podcast’s September 2015 debut, it has peaked at #11 on ​Apple Podcast’s Top Business Podcasts chart and has been featured by ​Essence Magazine, BizWomen, Black Enterprise, ​xoNecole​ and more​ as one of the​ top podcasts for women and anyone seeking information on how to take their business or career to the next level. The Hashtags​ and​ Stilettos podcast enjoys an incredibly diverse and rapidly growing audience and is streamed through ​iTunes and Soundcloud.

Terez Mychelle | @terezmychelle - Terez Mychelle is a social and human rights activist, with a specialized area in her work with LGBTQ community, HIV/AIDS and women’s rights. She has implemented and developed international outreach program’s serving youth in crisis. Terez has served as consult to former NYC mayor Bloomberg’s administration on community affairs and outreach policies.

A native New Yorker, Terez also has a diverse and rich history in the Theater and Entertainment industry spanning over 30 years. Having served as, Production Stage Manager, Director and lighting designer with off Broadway and international touring companies for various productions.

Kevin Walker | @killerkw - Kevin consults with clients on real time intelligence, cultural trends, and multicultural and millennial consumers. He was recently published in the Digital Next section of Advertising Age, “Reaching Next Generation African American Consumers”. He has also published the noted CultureLab trends reports, and other various posts on trends in culture.

Kevin has also led the briefing process in the creation of award winning advertising campaigns resulting in positive sales results for McDonalds, Nokia, Coca-Cola, In Touch Credit Union, and Kia Automotive. He brings a depth of experience from both the agency and client sides.

Alisha Ramos | @alishalisha - Alisha Ramos is the CEO and Founder of Girls’ Night In, a company building products for boss women who’d rather stay in tonight, including a Friday newsletter that goes out to thousands of millennial women each week.

Previously, she was a Director of Product Design at Vox Media designing and developing products at the intersection of technology and media. Prior to that, she was a brand strategy consultant working with Fortune 500 companies at Prophet, a global firm. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and History from Harvard University.

LaTrice Ross | @triceross - LaTrice is an organizational development professional with a focus on diversity and inclusion, engagement and leadership development. Her mission is to build and support a community of people committed to love, learning, accountability and action on diversity and inclusion in America.

She is a co-founder of “A BRILLIANT Life Engineered” (ABLE). Which is a new venture aimed at promoting greater gender diversity in the technology sector and creating economic opportunity for single mothers.

Additionally, she most recently has begun a national initiative to debunk many of the myths that plague Women of African descent entitled “Dialogue on Black Women: Separating Fact from Fiction.

Christopher Kennedy | @onebrightlight - Christopher is a front-end web developer and designer living in San Francisco. He loves building websites with Craft and writes about web development, video games, comics, marginalized/queer voices and the levels of intersectionality that can be observed between all of it.


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