Fly Media Productions Wins Four CSS Design Awards for Work With Cindy Gallop

“Get paid to be yourself.”

We’re honored to be the recipient of four CSS Design Awards for our work with Cindy Gallop on her personal brand website experience!

Being a shop known for developing digital experiences that are immersive yet “deceptively simple” means when we earn recognition for our work from an international group of our peers, we get a little up in our feels.

Our brand and visual design work is focused heavily on creating powerful and lasting emotional impact, so when almost two years after its official debut, was awarded special recognition and kudos, not only for design but innovation and user experience, we could not be happier. Huge congrats to Cindy and the entire FlyFam for the win!

If you thought we were in rare air before, shit’s about to get AUDACIOUS in these digital streets. Stay tuned for what’s just around the corner.

Much Luv,

Cindy Gallop Website Experience by Fly Media Productions
Cindy Gallop Website Experience by Fly Media Productions

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