FlyDuo PlayParty™ Was a Success — Thank You For Your Support!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller

We would like to give a huge thank you to our amazing sponsors and partners who helped make our first FlyDuo PlayParty™ a success! With your help, we were able to put well over $4k directly back into the sex-positive community (77% BIPOC, 38% LGBTQIA), and another $5k into a handful of other non-sexual pleasure and wellness-based small businesses — 54% Black-owned, and 27% women-owned.

We’re very proud of the fact that for our first event, which was mostly self-funded, and despite happening so quickly, we were able to pay each and every panelist and special guest something for their participation. In addition, we were able to make a small contribution to the Black Sex Worker Collective and Pineapple Support; both incredible organizations doing amazing things for the community.

A huge part of that was made possible thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, Erika Lust Films and Hot Octopuss who believed in what we were doing and jumped on board without a lot of time to plan a full campaign. We cannot thank you enough and look forward to partnering with y’all again for our upcoming holiday event!

Thank you to our partner Hart’s Desires for all of the amazing prize packages you provided for our panelists and attendees to enjoy! To each of our panelists who dedicated not only their Friday or Saturday to our event, but who were also part of the pre-planning, the logistics, and the promotion, as well as those who went the extra mile and provided free perks and exclusive discounts, we appreciate each and every one of you!

We of course, also have to thank a few members of the sex-positive community, as well as some of our colleagues in the digital agency and tech community, who purchased the higher-priced support tickets. This not only provided us with a little extra funding but also made it possible for us to provide at least a couple dozen tickets 100% free to the community.

And to everyone else who purchased a ticket – especially those who purchased a full-price ticket when you didn’t have to; those who shared a flyer or retweeted a tweet; to for squeezing us in less than a week beforehand, and inviting us to moderate #SexTalkTuesday; Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg for inviting us on to the American Sex Podcast live stream to talk about the event, and for all the incredible support you gave us leading up to the event; each and every one of you played a role in making this event possible and making sure people knew about it, and we appreciate you tremendously!

And last but certainly not least, we have to thank our team: Leslie and Laura Camacho of Glimmering; Scooter Taylor and Tre’von Hill of West Peek Ventures and QuarantineCon; Lindsey Parks of MoneyGraphics; Aysha Abdullatif of Ayeworld; and Brooklyn Santiago of Urban Elevation Worldwide. There are no words that could do you proper justice, but maybe this helps just a little…

We’re taking notes, and listening to all your feedback, so we can come back even better next time! So, please if you haven’t done so already, take just a few minutes to fill out the brief survey we sent you. Not only do we learn how to do better, but there’s also a chance for you to win a great prize from Hart’s Desires!

Until next time!

xo, FlyDuo

Reuben + Sherri Johnson
Co-Founders, Fly Media Productions

Erika Lust Films is an award-winning adult filmmaker, creator of XConfessions, and LustCinema. Tired of mainstream pornography that ignored women’s pleasure and fetishized people, she broke into the adult industry in 2004 with cinematic adult cinema that goes beyond stereotypes, with realistic narratives and wide diversity. She is a proponent of the female gaze and defends the importance of representing different people and stories in pornography.

Hot Octopuss toys are a celebration of sex in all its wonderful forms for everyone’s wonderful forms. Because sex is about people. All people. No matter what their circumstances or personal preferences. And they’ve really done their homework. Instead of imitating an industry that designs sex toys for one kind of body, Hot Octopuss has gone to great lengths to create sex toys that can make sex and pleasure accessible for every body.

The place where grown-ups come to play, Hart’s Desires is a premier erotic boutique for the sexually unleashed — or those who secretly want to be. The lovechild of proprietors, Tony and Shani Hart, the store is a full-on sensual experience created after the couple’s own hearts and very adventurous sex life. Well-known for its upscale selection of high-end sensual toys, lingerie, and an array of body-safe items for your kink, Hart’s Desires is undeniably where lust meets luxury.

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