How to Engage and Connect with Your Target Market (Chat Recap)

Recap of June 28th #FlyDuoChat

Below is a recap of June 28th’s @FlyDuo Twitter Chat with special guest panelists: Chris Do @thechrisdo, Marie Denee @mariedenee, Rana Campbell @rainshineluv, James Lopez @imjamesjlopez, and Victoria Jackson @thecapitalv. *Not all tweets have been included. Get to know the panel!

Q1: What is Target Marketing?

Once defined, we jumped right into whether or not target marketing is an ethical way for brands to reach their audience, and connect with potential customers.

For many of us in marketing and advertising - especially those with socially conscious brands - ethical implications is something we take very seriously, and remain fully conscious of.

Q2: Is Target Marketing ethical? What ethical implications do brands need to consider when planning their marketing strategy?

Everyone agreed that target marketing isn’t just ethical, it’s smart. However, if brands and marketing companies don’t have the best interest of their customers at heart, that’s where things begin to get unethical.

Rana and Victoria then touched on what considering ethical implications might look like…

Then it was time to discuss why target marketing actually is important, and what elements brands and individuals need to focus on in order to get it right!

Q3: Why is it important for brands to engage and connect with their target market/audience?

Q4: What tips do you have for building an engaging community that converts followers into loyal customers, and brand advocates?

Q5: How do brands learn the type of content their target market - no matter how niche - will respond to?

Q6: How important is authenticity to today’s brand savvy consumer?

Trust and authenticity were a common theme through the entire conversation, but we weren’t done yet!

Q7: What are some ways in which brands can create opportunities for genuine/authentic conversations?

Speaking of a safe space to congragate…

And finally, we wrapped up the night with Mad Props! and showed some love to our favorite brands and individuals taking care to engage with fans and followers in a genuine way. Peep the hashtag, to learn more.

Don’t forget to catch us next time!

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