Leading a Successful and Fulfilling Life with Tourette's

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When & Where: Wednesday May 17th at 11:am EST on Twitter @FlyDuo | @FlyDuoATL & @FlyGirlFMP

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Topic: Leading a Successful and Fulfilling Life with Tourette’s

This Month’s Special Guests:

Reuben Johnson | @flyduoatl - Reuben Johnson is a self proclaimed peace lovin’ revolutionary. He loves dope music, intellectual debates, and anything that moves the culture forward. He was diagnosed with Tourette’s along with OCD and ADHD when he was in elementary school, and has been living with all three - to varying degrees - ever since. Because of this, as well as being diagnosed with an extremely rare hereditary chronic immune disease (also since childhood), he officially qualifies as disabled. Never being one to let illness - or anything else for that matter - dictate his future, nor cramp his style, in 2001, he and his wife Sherri co-founded the boutique digital agency Fly Media Productions, where he serves as CEO, Tech Strategist and Lead Developer.

Affectionately known as the FlyDuoTM, Reuben & Sherri have built a brand centered around unapologetic professionals, tastemakers and nonconformists. With over 15 years experience, some of their past clients include an R&B Diva; ABC TV Co-host; and a number of renowned Entertainment, Beauty, Makeup, and Hair professionals, to name a few.

Saida Grundy | @tourettetalk - Saida Grundy is an Assistant Professor of African American Studies at Boston University. She holds a Ph.D and was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome as a child. As a teen, she was told she would likely “grow out of it”, for her tics were never severe. When she approached her twenties, her tics seemed to nearly disappear and become almost unnoticeable to her. She has worked professionally within the education system for many years and teaches African American studies, feminism, and sociology.

Shawn Jackson | @deaftourette - Shawn Jackson was born in Mississippi and raised by his adoptive family since he was about 6 months old. Later in life at 15 yrs old, he was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and then later, at around 22 yrs old, lost his hearing and was diagnosed as profoundly deaf. Never one to let others define him based on his facets, he proudly proclaims and owns his deafness​ and Tourette’s.

In 2006, Shawn worked at the former J’Adore Magazine, showing that TS and being Deaf can’t hold him back. He held the position of Deputy Editor for the life of J’Adore. After the dissolution of the magazine, Shawn began to redefine his passions. Now, he advocates for people with TS and those whom have lost their hearing and the deaf community at large through​ his blog, Deaf/Tourette.

Madalena Moresi | @mmoresi410 - Madalena Moresi is a twenty one year old disabled woman living in Atlanta, GA. Madalena deals with a combination of neurological and psychological conditions that are disabling, including Tourette’s along with a sleep disorder, OCD, anxiety, depression, and ADHD, as well as undiagnosed sensory processing issues, and Autism. As a result, she is currently unable to work or go to school and is applying for SSI. She hopes to one day be able to work, and is interested in dog training, as well as working with special needs children or as a Spanish language translator.

Living with Tourette’s has taught Madalena to love the more difficult parts of her life, learn to accept herself for who she is, and to appreciate how much it’s made her a more empathetic and understanding person. In her spare time she likes hanging out with friends, listening to music, and working with dogs - hoping to eventually train her own service dog as well as those for others living with disabilities.


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