Lindsey Parks, aka MoneyGraphics ...The Woman Behind the Brand!

“The experience is NOT just about what you see, but also what you get.”

I’ve known Lindsey, aka MoneyGraphics and have wanted to interview her for some time now, so yes, the interview is a little longer than our typical interviews, but trust me this is one to bookmark and check out when you have a few extra minutes. Both personally and professionally Lindsey is a women who truly does live for others, and is someone we can gain strength and inspiration from! ...That being said, Enjoy! ;)

The Woman.

“I believe in treating people like they matter because they do.”

Sherri: When I first met you I knew nothing about you except for the obvious fact that you are a damn good artist. But, as I got to know you I realized that there is a lot more to you than meets the literal eye. And by that I mean first and foremost you truly do care about not just your current clients, but your potential clients as well. No matter what their level of celebrity you interact with them on a personal level and I love that! You are extremely devoted to not just your company, but your BRAND. And you’re the mother of an incredibly beautiful little girl affectionately known to many as “Little Money Graphics”. ...My question to you is, how do you do it?

Lindsey Parks, aka MoneyGraphics
Lindsey Parks, aka MoneyGraphics

Lindsey: How do I do it? God. He’s honestly the only reason I’m able to do anything. Being a single mother drives me more than anything. Where most people want their children to have more than what they did, I feel like I’m working so that my daughter has as much as I did growing up. The most important of those things being stability, a roof over her head, food and unconditional love.

The brand MoneyGraphics is more than just a name. It’s more than a company…it’s a way of life. I do care about my clients, and potential clients. I think as a society we have forgotten what truly matters…and that is the PEOPLE. I believe in treating people like they matter because they do. The BRAND, MoneyGraphics is more than just the artwork that comes from us. It’s about the relationship between us and our clients. Our brand is our promise to our clients.

Sherri: How do you remain so humble? ...What keeps your feet on the ground?!

Lindsey: Humility to me is the 2nd greatest gift from God other than love. I am 6 years clean from all drugs. The battle with drug addiction was the most humbling experience I have ever encountered in my life. And one of the things people have always said is that pride is the #1 offender for going back out and using again.

When you get too proud, when you think you have it all, when you’re sitting at the top of the mountain looking down on everyone else, is when you are stripped of it all. Everything that you work so hard for can be stripped away in seconds. I don’t want to be that way. I want to always remain humble with my feet firmly planted on the ground.

I have gone through situations throughout my career that I start to get a big head, but I’m blessed enough to be able to realize it, and get myself back to reality. The fact that I am a recovering drug addict is truly what keeps me humble. I tell myself everyday, “But for the Grace of God there go I.” I’m better than no one.

The Business.

“The Experience Goes Beyond Sight”

Sherri: Can you tell us a little about how MoneyGraphics, both the name and the company came to be?

Lindsey: MoneyGraphics began in 2007. It was almost a year after I had gotten off of drugs and about 6 months since my father had passed away. I was always crafty when I was a kid, loved art. I always made my presentations in school better than others. I had a friend who was rapping at the time and I bought a laptop and a $70 Photoshop Elements and began working with my friend to design his first album cover. I look at that thing now and am just…WOW…that’s TERRIBLE. But you know, it shows me how far I’ve come.

The name “Money” comes from the streets. While in the middle of my drug addiction, I was also involved in hustling. The people around me always said I knew how to get Money…so the name stuck.

Sherri: “Experience” is a common theme these days! ;) Can you tell us a little about what you mean when you say, “The Experience Goes Beyond Sight”?

Lindsey: “The Experience Goes Beyond Sight”.... Lol….as you know, “The Experience is Everything.” ...Coming into my 5 year Anniversary of MoneyGraphics, I wanted to take things a bit further. At the 2012 Southern Ent Awards my gift bags included things that touched on all 5 senses. Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, & Sound. I wanted everyone to see that MoneyGraphics is not just about what you SEE. The truth is that when materials are ordered from our company, we want them to see the QUALITY. The quality in the artwork, the quality in the printed material, and the quality in the customer service.

The experience is NOT just about what you see, but also what you get. From printed materials to customer service to design products. It’s bigger than just what you see. It’s about HOW YOU FEEL. We want our clients, past, present and future, to BELIEVE in our company because they EXPERIENCED something great with us. We are not perfect, but we are striving for greatness.

MoneyGraphics Flyer
MoneyGraphics Flyer

Sherri: What has been the most rewarding part of your journey as a business owner thus far?

Lindsey: The most rewarding part of my journey as a business owner thus far is the relationships I build, and the people I meet. It’s humbling to work with celebrities and their companies, to be able to say, “Hey I did that.” But to be honest the most rewarding part is the people. To see the smiles on their faces, or hear the smile when you’re on the phone. Making people happy is my job. I put so much of me into other people’s artwork, because they are trusting me with their projects. Each flyer, logo, album cover, business card is a little piece of someone’s DREAM….how can you not take that seriously? I put my all into each piece because I know it’s a piece of someone else.

Sherri: Do you have any advice or words of caution for the growing number of entrepreneurs out there with a desire to take their own talent or skill to the next level and make a business out of it?

Lindsey: Take this seriously from day one. Take the time to do a business plan, to really put the thought and effort into what you want to do. I am backtracking 5 years later to get my business plan done. Always take time for your own company. It’s hard as a service provider to stop taking on projects for other people and put forth the effort into your own. I’m currently on a selective design hiatus, just so I can update my website and get things together so that my business can run more efficiently and effectively.

Do what you say you will do. This builds trust with your clients. If you say you are going to do it, then do it…and COMMUNICATION. Communication is imperative, I am STILL working on this. Communicate with your clients, make yourself available for them to talk to personally, not just via email.

The Work. The Brand.

“In 2011, I was the first woman nominated in the Graphic Design Category for the SEAs, meaning in 2012 I was the first woman to win.”

Sherri: How does it feel to be crowned the Southern Entertainment Awards, and Diamond Awards 2012 Graphic Designer of the Year? ...I hear you broke a few records, can you tell us a little about that?

Lindsey: Being crowned the Southern Ent Awards Graphic Designer of the Year Award as well as the Diamond Awards (Miami Kaos Award) for Graphic Designer of the year, was extremely humbling. In 2011, I was the first woman nominated in the Graphic Design Category for the SEAs, meaning in 2012 I was the first woman to win. Also, the first woman to win the Miami Kaos Award at the 2012 Diamond Awards. It’s always an incredible feeling to be the first woman to do ANYTHING lol, let alone it be in something I love!

I was incredibly humbled when Chuck with HipHopFriends accepted my award for me in Florida and mailed it home to me. When I received it, it had my name engraved right under Miami Kaos’ name. And anyone who does Urban Graphics knows that Miami Kaos is legendary…(And he’s extremely humble). So to have my name engraved with his was almost an award in and of itself.

CD Art via MoneyGraphics
CD Art via MoneyGraphics

Sherri: What is it that inspires you from project to project? ...How do you keep it fresh?!

Lindsey: Photography inspires me. I work with some awesome photographers. One being Pat C from Memphis. He and I work closely together and he allows me to use his artist photos in my flyers. Pat inspires me all the time. I also draw inspiration off the title of the project. Sometimes I’m not sure how I keep it fresh. I start with a blank white canvas and somehow something colorful and charismatic comes out, lol. I would also say that my inner circle keeps me motivated and helps me keep it fresh. I have a friend I often call my muse because he’s always pushing me to the limits with my artwork. And I try to implement new things constantly.

Sherri: What does the future hold for Lindsey Parks and the MoneyGraphics brand? Is there more that you would like to do?

Lindsey: What does the future hold? Shooooot. I hope more artwork! ...For Lindsey Parks (myself) I’m hoping for more time to be a mom. ...For MoneyGraphics (the brand) we are currently designing a 72 page magazine monthly, as well as working on several branding projects. What I would like overall for my company is for people to reach out to us for brand consulting and execution. I love putting someone’s brand image together. From concept to completion.

Is there more I’d like to do? There’s a ton more I would like to do. I hope in the next year and half to launch MGFive9, the corporate MoneyGraphics. As well as launch the MGPROfoundation which will be a non-profit organization to help raise money for the families and children of addicts and recovering addicts. I really want to get more into giving back to the community and doing fundraisers for those who need it most.

Sherri: Thank you so much for taking time out of your already busy schedule to sit down and answer questions for us! :)

Lindsey: Thank you for the opportunity to discuss my company. I appreciate your patience! Anything FlyMedia needs from me, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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