Tastemaker: Fashion & Wardrobe Stylist, Mo McKenzie

“All I ever wanted to be, was an inspiration to others.”

In a society full of copycats, it’s refreshing to see people whether on their own or in business, stand up and take a stand for individuality, for uniqueness, for self. Tastemakers is dedicated to introducing the individuals and businesses who not only have an influence on society, but who are doing it as themselves, without apology, and in their own way. To those who make the mold rather than try to squeeze into one that currently exists, and to whom at the same time we cannot help but to be inspired and influenced by.

There’s only one YOU. No one looks like YOU, and NO One can be the best you, but YOU.

FlyDuo: Please tell us a little about yourself.

Mo: My name is Mo McKenzie, and I am a wardrobe Stylist from Trenton, NJ. I’ve done styling for various celebrities such as Sommore, Lil Mo, Miss Mullatto, Tweet, Dondria Nicole, Good Girl and the list goes on and on. I’ve been doing styling for 5 years now. I assisted Celebrity wardrobe stylist Mia Quinn for about 9 months. I’ve worked on projects such as BET comic view, VH-1 Love & Hip-Hop reunion, and Sisterhood of hip-hop.

FlyDuo: How would you describe your personal style/aesthetic?

Mo: My style is very eclectic. It pretty much depends on how i feel and the occasion. However, my aesthetic is primarily Versace mixed with Chanel. I love edgy, but also a chic sense of fashion styling.

Your wardrobe should be a conversation starter…

FlyDuo: How important is individuality to you, both personally and professionally?

Mo: Individuality is very important because it separates you from everyone else. Personally, I like to be me and no one else. I don’t like to walk in a room full of me’s. In my eyes there can only be one me. Professionally, when working with a client it’s important for me to help them create an image that separates them from the world. I feel like as a stylist your client should be the most likable and remembered person. I feel like your wardrobe should be a conversation starter, for good or bad.

FlyDuo: How has being authentic and staying true to yourself benefited your career?

Mo: Oh, being my authentic self kept me humble. It didn’t allow me to see myself above or beneath anyone else in this industry. Being myself made it easier for people to remember me for my spirit and my work ethic.

FlyDuo: What inspires and/or motivates you to remain so unapologetically you?

Mo: My family inspires me the most, because my family is my reality for me to continue to be me.

Real fashion is timeless pieces that can be recycled, revamped, and revolved.

FlyDuo: Let’s talk confidence level – and how yours is turnt all the way up!! - How would you encourage others to love the skin/body they’re in?

Mo: Well, confidence is something that I struggled with for a long time, until I started getting into the fashion/wardrobe world. Before getting into this industry I never felt pretty and I hated my curves, because I felt like society only wanted women with the European look, and slim body figure. However, when I did come into my self-confidence, I reminded myself that I am so Bomb, and there is no one out there that looks like me. I embrace my beauty, and the skin that I am in everyday. I say to women, ‘There’s only one YOU. No one looks like YOU, and NO One can be the best you, but YOU.’

FlyDuo: With fashion trends endlessly changing, how do you maintain your unique perspective, remain true to your aesthetic, and at the same time stay commercially relevant?

Mo: Well, the way I see it, fashion isn’t changing. Fashion is revolving. When you look at fashion today, people think that it’s new and something we’ve never seen before. But, in reality everything that’s out there now, is something that we’ve all seen before, but it has a different twist. My favorite legendary celebrity fashion icon is Diana Ross. When I saw Ms Ross’ stage costumes for performance, and movies like Lady Sings the Blues and Mahogany, the fashion she gave us was timeless. For me, that’s what real fashion is - timeless pieces that can be recycled, revamped, and revolved. So, for me it’s important to do research and be constantly awake when styling, because if you sleep on it, you can be out of the game as quick as you got in.

FlyDuo: How does it feel to be considered a Tastemaker?

Mo: Oh my goodness, it feels amazing, because it lets me know that people still look at me as an inspiration. That’s all I ever wanted to be, was an inspiration to others whom aspire to be a wardrobe stylist. So, it is definitely an honor.

FlyDuo: Lastly, if you could give your style a name of it’s own, what would it be, and why?

Mo: MOgendary, and the reason I would give it the name MOgendary, is because my style will always be remembered as a legendary look by Mo McKenzie. The experience you receive from working with me will be unforgettable. When you’re working with Mo, you’re getting the experience of a lifetime!

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