The Art of Storytelling: Why it Matters and How to Get Started - #FlyDuoChat SEP 2016

Everything you need to know…

Your business builds a story at every point in its existence. Your ORIGINS — people love stories of origins — are a powerful way of shaping your story. Your CHALLENGES are part of what humanize your brand and engage your audience. Your LOSSES are what endear your customers and inspire your fans. Your TESTIMONIALS are what validate your claims and attract new buyers.

The above quote, from a 2014 Forbes article written by Neil Patel, couldn’t be more true today…every brand/business has an important story to tell. If you need help figuring out what YOUR brand story is, or how to start sharing it - you don’t wanna miss this month’s Twitter chat!

When & Where: Wednesday September 28th at 9:pm EST on Twitter @FlyDuo | @FlyDuoATL & @FlyGirlFMP

Follow Along/Participate: #FlyDuoChat

Topic: The Art of Storytelling: Why it Matters and How to Get Started

This Month’s Special Guests:

Photo of L'Oreal Thompson Payton

L’Oreal Thompson Payton | @ltinthecity - A masterful storyteller with a passion for empowering young women, L’Oreal is the Media Relations Manager for Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana. Originally from Baltimore, L’Oreal is a blogger and freelance writer whose work has appeared in magazines such as EBONY, JET, Sesi and Girls’ Life, as well as websites such as Brit + Co, Black Bridal Bliss and Joblogues.

Photo of Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson | @thecapitalv - Victoria Jackson is a digital public relations specialist, contributing writer, and native Houstonian. A graduate of Hampton University, Victoria uses her skills and experience in creative communications to help brands grow and connect online. When she’s not obsessing over press pitches and social media campaigns, you can find her blogging at or exploring the lovely city of Houston.

Photo of Taheerah Barney

Taheerah Barney | @fleshandbrand - Former NYC corporate finance zombie-turned-holistic health coach-turned marketer. Copywriter for status quo SMASHERS who want a brand that they love and that attracts loyal fans. When I’m not whipping up copy, I dig scratch cooking, b-ball, belly laughs + watching pant-crapping horror flicks.


1. The hashtag for the night is #FlyDuoChat. Be sure to use it in all your tweets, answers to questions, and responses to others.

2. The host (@FlyDuo) will ask a series of questions using Q1, Q2, etc. To reply to a question, use A1, A2, etc.

3. Relax and have fun! Bring YOUR style, swag, attitude, expertise, and experience ;)

4. There will be time at the start of our chat for you to introduce yourself, so be sure to arrive on time!

5. In most cases there will also be time at the end of each chat for Networking - let the people know what you’re working on, make connections, exchange numbers, follow and support each other!

Good 2 know:

  • You can find/follow the conversation by typing #FlyDuoChat into your Twitter search bar. This will bring up all tweets and participants.
  • The more interaction the better, so go ahead and like, retweet, and share as often as you’d like!
  • Questions are for everyone. Feel free to share your thoughts and experience.
  • Feel free to answer questions more than once.
  • If a single answer requires more than one tweet, use A1 (cont’d), A2 (cont’d), A1a, A1b, etc.
  • Please reserve self promotion for the beginning and end of the chat, unless your business or service answers someones question, or specifically relates to the current topic – then by all means go ahead and share!
  • Twitter chats are a great way to meet and get to know like-minded people, so follow, follow, follow!

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