The Entrepreneurial Benefits & Challenges of Keepin’ it Real - #FlyDuoChat AUG 2016

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When & Where: Wednesday August 31st at 9:pm EST on Twitter @FlyDuo | @FlyDuoATL & @FlyGirlFMP

Follow Along/Participate: #FlyDuoChat

Topic: The Entrepreneurial Benefits & Challenges of Keepin’ it Real

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This Month’s Special Guests:

Photo of Alison Gianotto

Alison Gianotto, aka “Snipe” | @snipeyhead - Alison is passionate about creating order from chaos, developing systems and workflow to make the right thing the easy thing, and advocating risk management as a valuable tool for innovation. She frequently speaks at conferences about technology and security/privacy issues.

“I’m just your average hacker/dev/infosec-nerd/scuba diver/blacksmith/sword-fighter/crime fighter/ENTP/warcrafter/speaker/author/activist, and I am the former CTO at a business innovation agency in New York City, currently exploring the startup CTO world.”

Alison started and maintains a free open source IT asset management application called Snipe IT, and wrote a “silly” browser plugin called Downworthy which has been written up in AdAge, Daily Dot, BoingBoing, Jezebel, Washington Post and more.

Photo of Erika Lyremark

Erika Lyremark | @DailyWhip - Having conquered the multi-million mark, Erika turned her ambitions to helping other lady-bosses succeed in a big way. Using the business lessons learned from her stripper days and her work in the notoriously cut throat commercial real-estate world, Erika created The Daily Whip, a motivational, aspirational program designed to aid super smart women in thinking big, taking action, and gracefully raking in piles of money while running businesses they love.

Erika documented her experiences in her wildly successful book Think Like A Stripper, lauded by Dan Pink as “a smart and provocative read”, while Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran says “Erika will not only whip you into shape with her wit, humor, and no-nonsense advice, but show you how to bounce back from failure and become the confident sales superstar you’re meant to be.”

Photo of Jenifer Daniels, APR

Jenifer Daniels, APR | @jentrification - Jenifer Daniels is the cofounder/CEO of Colorstock, the premier stock photo marketplace featuring people of color and a social microventure capitalist of over 80 women-owned ventures.

An award-winning brand storyteller, Jenifer holds an accreditation in PR and is a university lecturer. Her public speaking expertise is sought-after, and she has delivered talks on branding and startups at conferences such as TEDxCharlotte, IABC World Conference, Charlotte Startup Weekend, PRSA Southeast Conference, and Netroots Nation.

Jenifer is the former co-host of #WomensWednesday on SiriusXM Progress’ Make It Plain w/ Mark Thompson. She is also a member of SheSource, an online brain trust of experts, and has been featured in The New York Times, Detroit Free Press, HuffPostLive, BBC News, Essence, and other major media distributors.

Active in her community, Jenifer is a New Leaders Council Fellow and a former board chair of Sustain Charlotte.

Photo of Karen Tep

Karen Tep | @iKandyland - Karen Tep is an Actress, Model and Human Rights Activist. A few years into modeling, she discovered her real passion to raise awareness about Cambodia and the genocide, after experiencing her own atrocities. One of the issues she notices that plagues Cambodia today is lack of education and human trafficking.

This fueled Karen’s passion for fighting human trafficking in Cambodia by providing women and girls with opportunities for leadership and independence. In response to the crisis, she has hosted many events and fashion shows in New Orleans, Louisiana since 2010, called “Fashion for Freedom” to raise awareness and fundraise for organizations such as Nomi Network and The Freedom Climb. Karen has recently climbed 7 summits over 14,000 ft. in Colorado in the name of human trafficking.

Karen also co-founded The Strengthening Cambodian Communities Project (TSCCP) a project of KKO a non-profit in Siem Reap. She is a big influence in the Cambodian generation in the US and overseas; who is also a spokesmodel for Cambodias first National Baseball team and has been featured in many films, magazines, newspapers, print, radio, TV, music videos; Jay Chan’s “Chomlouey Chong Kruy” and “Sdai Sen Sdai”, Tony Keo’s “Home for Dinner” and on the international news; Voices of America (VOA) in Washington, DC.


1. The hashtag for the night is #FlyDuoChat. Be sure to use it in all your tweets, answers to questions, and responses to others.

2. The host (@FlyDuo) will ask a series of questions using Q1, Q2, etc. To reply to a question, use A1, A2, etc.

3. Relax and have fun! Bring YOUR style, swag, attitude, expertise, and experience ;)

4. There will be time at the start of our chat for you to introduce yourself and shoot out your project or website, so be sure to arrive on time!

5. In most cases there will also be time at the end of each chat for Networking - let the people know what you’re working on, make connections, exchange numbers, follow and support each other!

Good 2 know:

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  • Please reserve self promotion for the beginning and end of the chat, unless your business or service answers someones question, or specifically relates to the current topic – then by all means go ahead and share!
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