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Graphic of 4 mulit-colored diamonds. Graphic of 4 multi-colored diamonds.

A PR friendly blog clearly states what a rep will immediately look for when deciding whether or not they’ll reach out… Here’s everything you need to make sure your website/blog is PR friendly!

Whether you choose to host a Blab of your own or appear as a guest, these few tips will take you far, and make you an asset to any stream you’re inclined to participate in! (additional resources included)

So, here’s the deal, unlike an IRS audit, a website audit is nothing to fear; in fact it’s a good idea to ask for one from time to time - here’s why!

If you’re ready to get your business out there on the web, but are overwhelmed with options and unsure of where to start, this is for you!

A brand new quality stock photography website geared towards connecting our stories…better.

A tried and true recipe for online success; geared towards developing a first time online presence, expanding upon a current one, and making use of readily available tools.