Confessions of a Mompreneur: How to Build a Business and Raise a Family - #FlyDuoChat MAY 2017

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When & Where: Wednesday May 31st at 9:pm EST on Twitter @FlyDuo | @FlyDuoATL & @FlyGirlFMP

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Topic: Confessions of a Mompreneur: How to Build a Business and Raise a Family

Are you a mompreneur or business owner with kids at home and have found a way to Make it Work (in my best Tim Gunn voice)? Have you been there - done that, and have the scars to prove it?

Well, get ready to share secrets and swap battle scars, because next week’s #FlyDuoChat is for you!

Please join us, @FlyDuo on the Twitta’s - Wednesday May 31st at 9:pm EST - for an honest, heartfelt conversation about what it’s like to build a business while raising a family.

This month’s guest panel includes 8 entrepreneurial moms at varying stages of motherhood and business ownership.

Panelists Include:

Dr. Dereky Martin-Hagler | @dadesignsll - Dr. Dereky Martin Hagler is a wife of 17 years to Alfred Hagler and a devoted mother of two beautiful girls, Joi Hagler (17) and Brooke Hagler (7).

Dr. Dereky is a co-business owner with her husband of D&A Designs, a home improvement and interior design company that has a core mission of giving back to the community, aiding in extreme home makeover services to homeowners that are challenged with distressed situations such as fire damages. Her future goals are to build homes and design them filled with furniture so they are completely turnkey when the buyers purchase them.

Dereky is also a busy Mom attending her kids golf games and dance competitions while running a successful business. She has been awarded and recognized both locally and nationally for her philanthropy and giving back.

Vivian Kaye | @kinkycurlyyaki - Vivian Kaye is the founder and CEO of KinkyCurlyYaki, the premier provider of textured hair extensions designed to blend perfectly with kinky, curly and coarse hair textures.

KinkyCurlyYaki was one of the first companies to make hair extensions for textured hair and launched at a crucial time when many Black and Brown women, who primarily wear extensions as their protective style of choice, were transitioning away from perms back to their natural hair textures and could not find extensions that blended perfectly with their hair. The business, Vivian’s second, was born out of her own desire to find blendable extensions that didn’t compromise her own style.

Narsha Njoya | @narshaco - Narsha Njoya is a Digital Branding Strategist that empowers online businesses with strategic + profitable web design and online marketing strategies over at Narsha Design Co.

She loves the web and it’s ability to uplift business owners new and old to make an impact and increase their visibility.

Angela Davis | @missangeladavis - Angela Davis is a self-taught cook, food blogger, recipe developer and author, known to her social media following as “The Kitchenista.”

Formerly a construction accountant, the mother of two cultivated her passion for food and turned it into a new and exciting career. Now she creates original recipes and food photography for her award-winning food blog, The Kitchenista Diaries. She uses her platform to engage with and encourage others to cook by sharing personal anecdotes, kitchen tips and on-the-fly recipe tutorials – all with a healthy dose of humor and tough love.

Angela is also the culinary entrepreneur behind Elevated Comfort, LLC, which provides clients in the DC Metro area with personal chef services featuring small-batch, made from scratch comfort food. Angela has shared many of her mouthwatering recipes via three self-published cookbooks (available on her website at

Shaneka McClarty, LPC | @therapygrl - Shaneka McClarty is a licensed clinical therapist, faith addict, mother of three little queens and wife. Shaneka is the author of The Heart of a Woman: Reclaim, Release, and Renew and has been featured as a relationship expert on media outlets such as AspireTV,, and Single Wives Radio.

​Best known for helping people recognize, reclaim, and use their personal power, Shaneka has dedicated her experience and wisdom to strengthening marriages to reflect God’s image. She’s the creator of Bliss Marriage Conference (an online marriage conference) and Wooing as Worship (an interactive marriage seminar). Her monthly program, Marriage Masterclass, has educated and empowered hundreds of couples both domestic and international.

Jon’ll Boyd | @completelyy - Jon’ll Boyd enjoyed a successful career in sales and marketing before embarking on her venture as the CEO of Completely Yours Events. Boyd’s favorite aspect of the event business is the honor of being tasked with carrying out the vision of her clients and creating an experience for their guests that will last a lifetime.

Jon’ll has also become an advocate for helping new, transitioning and upcoming planners understand how to grow a thriving business by understanding “its a business not a hobby”. Boyd also developed the curriculum for a 9-week majority online event planning course called Eventagious: The Business Side to Wedding and Event Planning and she is the proud founder of The Planners Suite Conference, a unique and one of a kind experience created just for planners.

Auntee Rik | @aunteerik - Auntee Rik is a Brand Stylist and an Expert Level WordPress designer, based in Atlanta, GA.

She has combined her 25 plus years’ experience in a variety of industries, international upbringing, and creative eye into helping business owners transition to their next level of business operations through her agency, Suite369.

Tiffany Nicole | @hitiffanynicole - A master motivator, with a passion for empowering women to build bold, beautiful and brilliant lives, Tiffany Nicole excels at teaching women to live with intention and expectation. She is not only the woman behind the Tiffany Nicole Forever brand, she’s also a full-time entrepreneur and an intentional living life coach.

Currently living in the Atlanta area, when she’s not working or hosting an event she can be found spending time with family, writing for her popular lifestyle blog or hosting a weekly podcast. She is also currently penning her first book and preparing to launch The Lifestyle – an office accessory and organizational line – this winter.


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