Tastemaker: Creative Badass, Chelsea Leifken

“Treat everybody like they are somebody.”

In a society full of copycats, it’s refreshing to see people whether on their own or in business, stand up and take a stand for individuality, for uniqueness, for self. Tastemakers is dedicated to introducing the individuals and businesses who not only have an influence on society, but who are doing it as themselves, without apology, and in their own way. To those who make the mold rather than try to squeeze into one that currently exists, and to whom at the same time we cannot help but to be inspired and influenced by.

I am Chelsea Leifken. A designer, an artist, a delicate flower, a tribe member, a business, and a boss.

FlyDuo: Please tell us a little about yourself:

Chelsea: I am Chelsea Leifken. A designer, an artist, a delicate flower, a tribe member, a business, and a boss. There has always been an indescribable fire in me to help people connect to themselves and to each other. From this fire - I created a promise. “Treat everybody like they are somebody.” This promise turned into mission and my brand was born.

CHELSEA LEIFKEN is a lifestyle brand on a mission to spread compassion, kindness and love.

FlyDuo: How would you describe your personal style/aesthetic?

Chelsea: Minimalist.

I grew up in a family where I was fortunate enough to have all of the “things” that I wanted. I encountered some experiences throughout my life that made me rethink the things that I once thought were important. I realized I didn’t want to collect things, but I wanted to collect moments, adventures and experiences. From wardrobe to lifestyle I live a very minimal life.

I can fit all I own on one clothing rack. I dress in black, white and neutrals. You could definitely say I have a uniform. Having to make 24235 decisions throughout the day is less stressful when deciding what I am going to wear that day is not one of them.

...people remember the girl boss with the shaved head.

FlyDuo: How important is individuality to you, both personally and professionally?

Chelsea: For years I strived to find “who Chelsea was.” I was constantly changing my look, my wardrobe, my hair. I had no idea who I was or who I wanted to be. After some soul searching and years of “working on it” I came to realize who I am, and that my “look” was less is more. I shaved my head, decided to own a minimal closet and always rock a signature red lip. Professionally this has worked to my advantage in business - people remember the girl boss with the shaved head.

FlyDuo: How has being authentic and staying true to yourself benefited your career?

Chelsea: I KNOW that being authentic and staying true to myself has gotten me this far. I am very in tune with people and my surroundings and people pick up on my authenticity. Doors have flown open for me not only because of my skills and talent in business, but because of the person I am. I have said no to a lot of things because it didn’t “feel” right - meaning, it didn’t feel true to me and my purpose. I will continue to stay focused on what I feel it is that I need to spread. I refuse to work with people who don’t respect or act kindly to others. I stand strong on who I am, what I create, and what I strive to make a difference in.

FlyDuo: What quote or mantra best describes you, your mentality, and/or your beliefs, and why?

Chelsea: “If it’s not a HELL YES - it’s a no.”

I use this in my personal day-to-day and in my business choices. When making decisions you must hold true to what feels right - always. If I am faced with a decision and it doesn’t have me jumping out of my bed in the morning - I won’t do it. Now, don’t get me wrong - some things in life you must do - and I am a firm believer that you should steer towards fear to conquer things in life - BUT if you are quiet and listen to what feels right - you’ll know.

Loving each other starts with loving ourselves.

FlyDuo: How do you manage to always radiate light, even in this often dark world?

Chelsea: This world hurts my heart - now more than ever. I’m such an empath, so it does get tough to constantly radiate light. There are some days I give myself permission to stay inside - ALL DAY. I tell my friends and family I need to “recharge.” I turn off my cell phone and close my computer. I take a day to take care of myself. I take time to shower, light candles, go to a mediation class, eat a super nutritious meal, and drink tons of water. Loving each other starts with loving ourselves. Oprah once mentioned how it’s a great thing to be selfish. When you are selfish your “cup runith over” and you are then able to pour into others. Self love first, then the rest is easy.

FlyDuo: How does it feel to be considered a Tastemaker?

Chelsea: If I can touch one person with what I said, what I do or who I am - I’m through the moon. Hahaha. I’m here to move mountains. To create and inspire others. To be a light in this dark word. If I’m successful in doing that - my job here is done.

FlyDuo: Lastly, if you could give your style a name of it’s own, what would it be, and why?

Chelsea: Beam of light. [drops mic]

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