Your Access to Better Black Stock Images Is Almost Here - Introducing BlackStock!

Are your images telling the right story?

Have you ever felt that if you just wished with all your might, and if you just searched a little bit harder, that you’d be able to find that one perfect image - because even just one would do - to represent your article, your post, or even your brand, only to be let down time and time again simply because you couldn’t find a single quality image that represents you, or your culture?

Do you know how hard it is to tell a client that they should consider having a photo shoot done, simply because there are no quality stock photos that represent them? Or to have a Black Owned business settle on imagery featuring White culture because they couldn’t afford a quality photo shoot?

We do. And not only do we feel their pain, but we’ve experienced it ourselves. Being a highly visual multicultural agency who relies heavily on stock images for our own branding, social media posts, articles, etc. I can tell you that trying to pull together a cohesive multicultural look, is not easy!

That’s why we were so excited to stumble upon this brand new company, and happy to introduce to you - a brand new stock photography website specifically catering to Black culture!

The idea for BlackStock came from professional photographer Kenneth Wiggins after running into a similar issue himself. As you can imagine, we were eager to learn more, so we reached out to Kenneth, and here’s what he shared with us!

Kenneth Wiggins
Kenneth Wiggins

Where did the idea come from, and what made you decide to make it a reality?

The idea came about as I was trying to find some cool images for a design concept I was working on. I found a few that worked, but felt there should be more with the same tone. I’ve always thought about asking photographers, fashion bloggers for permission to use their work, but never got the nerve to ask. After my frustration with finding what I needed passed, I kind of just asked on social media if any photographers wanted to submit some work for a site that featured black stock images. The responses I got from everyone gave me inspiration to start thinking about how this could really be a thing and the rest is pretty much history.

What makes BlackStock different than other stock photography sites?

BlackStock is creating a niche with something that’s been done plenty of times before. Except, we’re focusing on providing better Black stock images. The problems I’ve had with some stock sites were never about not being able to find an image. It was finding a REALLY good image that actually connected. Something that wasn’t generic, but spoke to me and the story I was trying to tell. This site is really about celebrating culture more than anything else.

Who do you see the site being geared towards?

From a photographer stand point, I think anyone who’d like to see their work get out there. I’ve seen the work of so many people since I’ve started and just looking through their portfolios gets me excited to work on future projects. When I think about who needs the resource, I see content producers and creatives using the site mostly.

When is the site expected to launch, and what can we expect to see at that time?

You can visit to learn more about the site, but I hope to launch the full site this Summer.

What can we do help? Do you need photographers, promotion, subscribers? Tell us what you need so we can let the world know! :)

I really need photographers who are just as passionate about this as I am. It’s really their contributions that’ll make BlackStock a success. Promotion and subscribers are definitely a need. I’m trying to figure out ways to keep the lines of communication open so I can really make sure BlackStock provides them with the best experience and results. I have a lot of ideas, but I’m taking baby steps right now.

...Did you hear that photographers? If you shoot Black culture, “take your images out the folder and put them to great use” ...we need you!

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