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When image-conscious brands wanna make a statement, they call us.

Graphic of 4 mulit-colored diamonds. Graphic of 4 multi-colored diamonds.

We’re tastemakers and nonconformists with a passion for making dope websites and crafting unforgettable digital experiences! In 2001, heavily inspired by music, fashion, technology and culture, co-owners Reuben and Sherri Johnson, affectionately known to many as the FlyDuoTM, set out to redefine the concept of what a digital design studio could be. This unique company fully embraces the philosophies of a casual luxe lifestyle brand, and as a result has quickly become a symbol of style, sophistication, quality craftsmanship, and dedication, clearly influenced by the worlds of editorial fashion and print…thus the non-traditional Boutique Digital Agency, Fly Media Productions was born - learn more!

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The design vibe at FlyDuoTM is cool...creative...and visually striking. They aren't techie web designers... they're artists. They're professional... and dedicated to making their clients happy. - Brian Scott McFadden, Comic/Actor/Entertainer

Our uniqueness is rooted in our design-led approach to our products and services. Our unmistakable signature style combines rich visual aesthetics with just the right amount of sex appeal; empowering bold, unapologetic brands to make a powerful statement, leave a lasting impression, and to sell with authenticity.

What We Do// Creative Services

“Everything you do is a signature of yourself, so sign it with style.”

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    Custom Web Design

    A lot of designers claim to create custom websites, when in reality they customize other people’s templates - bastards! Unless otherwise stated, when you work with Fly Media, what you get is 100% custom from the ground up. Even our line of premium FlyDuo themes are custom designed in-house and built from scratch.

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    < Hand Coded Web Development />

    Our front-end development process means no forced mass-market templates; mobile friendly responsive web design; and sites built on professional quality commercial CMS’s such as Statamic and ExpressionEngine, which are fast, flexible, secure and built for businesses like yours.

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    CMS Integration, Training & Support

    All Fly Media websites and themes include a commercial CMS - Statamic or ExpressionEngine (EE), private one on one training via telephone, video conference, and/or screen share, plus user guide. In other words, we’re here to walk you through all the necessary steps to getting shit done with your new website!

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    Niche Identity and Branding

    We help empower niche brands to uncover what is truly unique about their mission and to communicate their brand story in a genuine and authentic way. We infuse contemporary culture, bold expressive language, rich visual aesthetics, and human emotion, to create lasting impressions and build loyal relationships.

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    Social Media Marketing & Management

    Transform your social media presence with high-quality editorial content, regular activity, and new followers. At Fly Media Productions, we pride ourselves on using only the best organic tactics to grow your network, engage your audience, and drive real traffic to your website or storefront.

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    Digital Marketing

    We offer a variety of flexible digital marketing services and retainer packages - choose the best plan for your needs, and then rest easy knowing you have a dedicated team of marketing and design professionals on your side!

“Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.”

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Creative, genuine, authentic, slightly dark and mysterious, yet ALWAYS kind. See for yourself why this ray of love and light is one of our favorite positive artists!

Most customers judge a book by its cover – next week we discuss how through positioning and visual aesthetic, brands can use that to their advantage!

How to take everything you’ve been through, learned and know, and create a compelling story that people will embrace…